About Me

My name is The Temportalist aka 'The one who studies time and space'.

As you will find out, if you havent already, I work on many things. These range from mods for a popular game dubbed Minecraft, to an array of little scripts and applications to help do different tasks.

I am a Computer Programmer, that is, someone who writes computer code. Recently I have been working on a lot of game code for modifications of Minecraft. You fill find links to different mods in the Minecraft Mods section of this website.

I deal mostly with Open Source Code. This is computer code which is open to the public. However, with most Open Source programs comes a License. If you have any doubts about what License my code is under, the go to is the Apache License Version 2.0.

I know quite a few programming languages, and the list is always growing. Currently I work with:

  • Java
  • Scala
  • Python
  • C++
  • Objective-C
  • HTML
  • Twig
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

For those that know me, I am a major geek. I love a lot of the techy things and enjoy many of the geeky tv shows like:

  • Doctor who
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Gotham
  • The Flash
  • iZombie
  • Agent's Of Shield
    • And the spinoff "Marvel's Agent Carter"
  • Marvel Movies
  • Forever
  • Arrow
  • Supernatural
  • Constantine
  • The Messengers
  • Bones
  • Criminal Minds
  • others which I cannot think of right now...