CurseForge Helper

Helper all the little boys and girls with quick curseforge links

Here I have for you a little direct link when you want direct downloads from CurseForge.

There are two ways you can ping for mod download stuff.


Lets take Origin for example. Origin's CurseForge nameid is 'origin'. You can find this for your mod by going to the mod's curseforge page ( That bold, italizied and underlined word is your CurseForge nameid.

Lets say we want to grab the latest 1.7.10 version of Origin. To go directly to the download page, you would put this in the browser:


Now, if we append '/raw' to the end of that url, we will get a raw json file, which we can use cURL or wget to parse on a local computer. ONLY USE THIS IF YOU KNOW HOW TO USE A JSON FILE AND HOW TO PARSE IT! 


The json you get back will look something like this:


"name: "Origin",
"mcv": "1.7.10",
"file": "Origin-1.7.10-3.4.0.jar",
"url": ""


Using that, you can directly wget or cURL the url provided to get a direct download without having to go to the curseforge page.

Another thing you can do is request a specific version of a mod. For instance, instead of the latest 1.7.10 version of Origin, lets say we want "Origin-1.7.10-3.3.0.jar". Just plug the file name into latest like so:



Hope you have fun pinging all the things!